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My journey!

Two of my most favourite ways to kill time (and procrastinate) have always come in the form of either playing video games or watching movies. Subconciously, I found myself enjoying a film or a game more if it was matched with great sonic content.

My venture down the rabbit-hole of sound design began after stumbling across on a YouTube video about Foley artists. I took my first baby steps in creating sound through spending hours and hours downloading sounds off of and processing/layering them in all types of ways in Audacity. The whole process of grabbing sounds made from everyday objects such as a chair drag and then completely flipping it around to make it into a sci-fi gunshot completely blew my mind away.
And it all just kicked off from there.

This subsequently led me to pursuing formal training in learning the discipline of sound design over the next three years under the mentorships of numerous industry professionals at Record Factory's Interactive Sound Design course (Seoul) and Vancouver Film School's Sound Design for Visual Media program.

With all of the combined knowledge I digested over these past few years, I'm fully equipped and eager to make sure your work gets the sound treatment it calls for. Having made oblivious observations early on about what a difference good (and bad) sound design can make, I now consciously make a promise to myself with every piece of work to fulfill and partner the visuals with the quality of soundscape it's missing. And I'd like to extend the same promise to you. 

Let's make some noise.


2021 - 2022

Vancouver Film School
Sound Design for Visual Media

2019 - 2020

Record Factory
Interactive Sound Design

- Took deep dives into the current industry standards and workflow in recording, editing, and mixing (5.1) for linear media.

- Absorbed in-depth insight into the workflow behind game audio through learning middlewares and game engines (Fmod, Wwise, Unity, Unreal) while also participating in a milestone-based game project with Programming and Game Design students.

- Took on a more advanced learning in Pro Tools working with Avid boards & accessories. 

- Extensive experience in editing (SFX + Dialogue)

- Introduced to the basic fundamentals, physics, and practices of audio including signal flow, microphones, and recording (SFX, VO, Foley).

- Different practices in designing for multi-media (films, games, animations, commercials, sonic branding).

- Gained acute knowledge in basic signal processing (EQ's, Reverbs, Compressors, Modulators, and more).

- Became well acquainted and comfortable using Pro Tools. (Pro Tools 101 & 110 ).

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